Household Applications Report

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The Household Applications report returns summary data on household applications for Free and Reduced Meal and Educational Benefits Applications.

Starting with the 2014-15 School Year, the temporary status for the no income selection will no longer be an option.

Image 1: Household Applications Report

Generating the Household Application Report

  1. Select a School Year from the dropdown field. Only applications for the selected school year will be returned.
  2. Select the Application Type. Educational Benefits Applications are used by schools participating in Provision Programs. Educational Benefit applications are enabled in FRAM Preferences once Provision fields are entered on the School tab.
  3. Select Approved Reasons to return results for applications approved for meal benefits. Multiple selections may be made by holding down the CTRL and SHIFT keys.

    When you select Foster Approval, the report checks the Certified Type and ensures the Certified Type is "Foster" rather than checking for the Categorical Approval status on the FRAM application. If Income Approval, Categorical Approval, and Foster Approval are selected together, applications with foster approval report independently from the other approved reasons.

  4. Select Denied Reasons to return results for applications denied meal benefits. Multiple selections may be made by holding down the CTRL and SHIFT keys.
  5. Mark the Include Detail checkbox if the report should display the application details, including the reason for each application's approval/denial. If this checkbox is marked, the Household Application Detail editor will be shown on the report. If this checkbox is not marked, only summary totals will be displayed on the report.
  6. Mark the Include Excluded Applications checkbox if applications that have been designated for exclusion (through the Exclude button on the Household Applications tool) should be included in report results.
  7. Select the method in which applications should be sorted in the Detail Sort By dropdown field. This field only applies if the Include Detail checkbox is marked.
  8. Click the Generate Report button.

A PDF version of the report will be generated in a new window.

Viewing Report Results

Information displayed on the report will reflect the criteria selected.

Applications are considered Error Prone when they are within $100 of the monthly and/or $1200 of the yearly Income Guide.

Image 2: Sample Household Applications Report