Fees (Portal)

This document is written for use by parents. Districts can choose to provide this information to their parents or use it as a guide for creating district-owned documentation.

PATH: Campus Portal > Family > Fees

The Fees tab provides a list of all fees assigned to members of the family.

Fees can also be viewed for a selected student in Student Fees.

Family Fees


The Family Fees tab provides a list of all fees assigned to each member of the household. Fees can include things like a lab fee for a science course, a fee for a field trip or the cost of an athletic activity. Fees that are still owed and fees that have been paid appear in this list, followed by the ongoing balance for all fees.

Fees only display for students where the portal user (typically, the student's guardian/parent) is assigned Portal access by the school district.

Fees Filtering

Fees can be filtered by a specific school year by selecting the All Years dropdown list. By leaving the option on All Years, a historical reference of all fees assigned, paid, voided, etc., can be reviewed and printed, if needed.

  Family Fees - Filter by Years 

Fees assigned to specific members of the household can also be reviewed and printed by selecting the All Members dropdown list and choosing a household member. When a specific member is selected from this list, only fees assigned to that person display.

Family Fees - Filter by Members

Navigating Fees

The Fee Statement lists the following:

Comments entered when the school assigned the fee or entered when a payment was made or voided are visible when hovering over a fee.

Family Fees - Fee Comments

Printing Fees

Click the Print button to display a PDF version of the Fee Statement. This print view will print what is selected on the Fees page. For example, if All Members is selected, fee information for all members prints. If fees for a specific year is selected, that information prints. 

Family Fees - Printing Family Fees

Paying Fees

Click the Make Payment button to display the Payments screen and pay Fees. See the Payments (Portal) article for more information about making payments.

Family Fees - Paying Family Fees