Contact Preferences (Portal)

This document is written for use by parents. Districts can choose to provide this information to their parents or use it as a guide for creating district-owned documentation. Campus Messenger is not used by all Districts.

PATH: Campus Portal > User Account > Contact Preferences

It is important for users to have up-to-date contact information that can be used by Campus Messenger to distribute timely information to parents. Users should verify that contact information is correct and then indicate which types of messages should be directed to each phone or email address. Message types include Emergency, Attendance, Behavior, General Notification, Priority Notification and Teacher.

Before the contact preference checkboxes will display, the user must have an email address entered and saved. Text messaging may not be available to all users and depends on whether the school/district makes use of text messaging.

Image 1: Contact Preferences

This Contact Preferences tool and some of the preferences listed on this page may not be available to all Portal users. Portal configuration is specific to a school and depends on administrator configuration. Voice and text messaging options may not be available if the district does not use these features.

Modifying Preferred Contact Preferences

This tool allows a Portal user to enter his/her email address and specify the type(s) of messages to be received through email. He/she can select the language in which messages are preferred.

Preferences may be set for the following types of messages:

Message Type Column

Mark checkboxes in this column if the email and/or phone number should be contacted for...

Emergencyemergency messages.


student attendance messages.


student behavior messages.

General Notification

general school or district messages.

Priority Notificationhigh-priority messages sent by the district or school.


teacher-created messages.

For some users, the Teacher column of this screen will not allow phone number checkboxes to be marked. This means that teachers do not use phone messaging as a contact method.

Phone Number Preferences

If phone and/or text messaging is used by the school/district, a Portal user may designate specific phone number(s) for receipt of certain message types. 

Administrator Note

Messenger contacts who have Portal accounts can configure their own preferences for receiving voice, email and text messages, as long as the school allows them to do so. The Contact Preferences checkbox must be marked on the Portal Options tool.

A Portal user must have phone numbers on file with the district/school for them to appear on this screen.