Refill Medication

PATH: Student Information > Health > Medications > Refill Medication

When the health office has run out of a student's medication and the parent/guardian has given additional medicine for the same prescription, use the Refill Medication option. This allows the same medicine strength and dosage to be given to the student without having to enter a new medication.

Image 1: Medication - Refill Dose Detail

If the prescription has changed, either in the name, strength, form or amount per dose, a new medication must be entered.

  1. Select the Medications to refill. 
  2. Click the Refill Medication button. The Medication Dose Detail displays.
  3. Enter the Refill Dose Count By value.
  4. Select the staff person who recorded this entry in the Recorded By dropdown. Only staff with an Active district assignment and a Health checkmark on their District Assignments tab display in the dropdown.
  5. Enter the Date when the refill was given to the Health Office. This field defaults to the current date, but a different date can be entered.
  6. Click Save when finished. A warning message displays saying the refill information has been saved and to verify the Perscription date and the Expiration Date are still accurate. 

The refill record displays when the Medication name is expanded in the Medications list. The total dose count will increase for the medication by the number of refill doses submitted.

Any appointment scheduled with the initial medication dosage will reflect the refill value.

Image 2: Medication Refill Record