Reduce Medication Dose Count

PATH: Student Information > Health > Medications > Reduce Dose Count

Once a medication has been saved and appears within the Medications editor, a user can reduce the doses on hand by using the Reduce Dose tool. This tool should only be used when the dose count is reduced because of spillage, expiration, etc. When a dose is administered to a student, enter the reduction using the Health Office Visits tool.

Image 1: Reduce Dose Count Editor

These procedures should be followed when a medication is discontinued.

  1. Select the Medication(s) to reduce. 
  2. Click the Reduce Dose Count button. The Medication Dose Detail displays.
  3. Enter the Reduce Dose Count By value.
  4. Enter the Dose Reduction Reason from the dropdown. Options available in this dropdown can be added or edited from the Attribute/Dictionary.
  5. Select the staff person who recorded this entry in the Recorded By dropdown. Only staff with an Active district assignment and a Health checkmark on their District Assignments tab display in the dropdown.
  6. Enter the Date when the reduction occurred. This field defaults to the current date, but a different date can be entered.
  7. Click Save when finished. A warning message will display saying the refill information has been saved and to verify the Perscription date and the Expiration Date are still accurate.
  8. Make any necessary comments within the Comments field.
  9. Click Save when finished. Changed dosage amounts will appear in the Medications editor and reflect the removed dosage from the overall amount of doses remaining.

The reduction record displays when the Medication name is expanded in the Medications list. The total dose count will decrease for the medication by the number of reduction doses submitted.

Image 2: Reduction Example