Making an Online Payment

In June 2019, the online payment process was updated. For the most current information, see the following articles:

PATH: Portal > Family > Payments

The Payments tool allows users to make online payments for fees and/or deposit money into food service accounts for members of a household. If this feature is used by a school, the Payments link appears in the Portal index.

The Payments link does not appear for all users. The option depends on specific school operations and settings. Similarly, the Food Service link, which allows users to view Food Service account activity, is only available if that feature is also used by the school. When both features are enabled, the Payments tool allows users to pay incurred fees, deposit money into Food Service accounts, and generate a food service transaction report.

Online Payments

Viewing Fees

A list of assigned fees to all students in the household is available from the Family Fees section. A list of fees assigned to just one student in the household is visible from the student's Fees section. Payments can only be made from the Family Payments section of the Portal.

Unpaid fees from All Years are listed and can be selected for Payment. This does not apply for Food Service payments.

To begin the online payment process for a fee, select Payments from the Index. The online payment editor will appear, displaying outstanding fees for all students within the Household.

If the ability to contribute to Food Service accounts is not allowed by the school, the Food Service payment section will not be shown. Similarly, if the students of the household do not have any pending fees, no fees will display in the Fees area.

Fee Payments

Fee payments allow users to pay fees for each student within a household. Users can also view the details of a fee by selecting the plus sign (+) next to the fee name. A fee shown in red indicates that a payment for the full amount has not been made before the due date assigned by the school.

Payments made through the portal cannot be voided.

Before you can successfully make an online payment, Payment Information must first be registered with the payment vendor. This can be done by selecting the Register your credit cards and banking information.

  1. Once a form of payment has been registered, choose the amount of the fee payment by
    • Entering the amount to be paid in the Payment field, OR
    • Clicking the amount of the fee included in the Due column to auto-fill the full fee amount due
  2. Click Continue to proceed to the Payment Method screen.

    If the entered amount that is being paid is less than the required minimum payment amount, an error message displays. Click OK and reenter the total amount to be paid. The minimum amount displays at the top of the Payments tab.

  3. Select the appropriate payment method (previously registered). Click Continue to proceed to the fees Confirmation page.

  4. Review the payment information. If a receipt of this payment is desired, enter the email address where the receipt should be sent in the Receipt Email Address field.

    If a Convenience Fee applies, it displays on this page and is included in the Total.

  5. Click Make Payment to process the fees payment.
    When the transaction is processed, the Payment Receipt screen will display.

To print a copy of the receipt, click Print in the lower right-hand side of the screen. To return to the main Payments screen, click Back To Payments. If an email address was entered to receive a receipt, it will look similar to this:

Online Payment Receipt

To view the details of the households food service activity, select the View Details link. A separate window will appear to display the account activity details, including deposits and meal item purchases.

This information is also available through the Food Service tool of the Portal Index.

This screen will differ depending on the type of Food Service account setup for the household (i.e., family or individual).

Optional Fee Payments

Optional fees are fees than can be paid that are not assigned for payment by the school. This could be things like parking stickers, donations to the school, school supplies, etc. These optional fees display in a dropdown list, allowing you to select the desired fee and make the payment yourself

Optional Fee Selection

Completing the payment transaction is the same as making a payment for a school-assigned fee. Select the fee to pay, enter the amount being paid and click the Continue button.

If a school has not marked any fee as optional, a note displays indicating this when hovering over the Optional Items dropdown list.

Display of No Optional Fees Marked

Deposit Money into a Food Service Account

You can deposit money into food service accounts for members of your household.

Once a form of payment has been registered, choose the amount you want to deposit by

Food Service Accounts

Printing Account Details

To generate a PDF of Food Service account activity, select the Print button.

Account Print Information