Uncategorized Assignments

Assignments received from an outside program arrive in Campus without categories or grading alignments. Teachers must select categories and grading alignments for scores and grades to report correctly in Campus. 

Connections to outside programs (such as itsLearning or Schoology) are established and managed by your district. Assignments are added to Campus as determined by the outside program. For example, some programs allow teachers to trigger sending assignments to Campus, while others perform a nightly sync. Your district will provide guidance regarding when uncategorized assignments must be addressed.

To select categories and grading alignments for these assignments, click the Uncategorized Assignments button in your grade book.

Uncategorized assignments need categories and grading alignments.

For those unfamiliar with Campus:

  • Grading tasks are items to which teachers post grades for report cards, such as "Quarter 1," "Final Grade," or "In-Progress Grade." Tasks are created by your district.
  • Categories are folders that assignments are sorted into, such as "Homework," "Tests," or "Formative." Categories can be created by teachers or your district.
  • Grading Tasks and Standards must be created by the district before they are accessible to teachers.

Updating Uncategorized Assignments

Select a Standard/Grading Task and Category for each assignment or use the fill option:

  1. Select the Standard/Grading Task and Category to apply to assignments.
  2. Mark the checkbox to the left of each assignment to update.
  3. Click Fill Selected. The Standard/Grading Task and/or Category is added to selected assignments. Any existing selections are overwritten.

Click Save All. Once assignments have category and scoring alignments, they are removed from this list and the number in the orange counter goes down.

Once assignments are aligned, they are visible in the Grade Book with scores received from the outside program. Dropped and Missing flags may populate, depending on which outside program you're syncing from.

Most assignment details are not editable in Campus. Scores and flags can be modified in Campus, but be aware that changes in Campus may be overwritten if you sync with the outside program again.

Assignments are visible to parents and students as soon as they are received from the outside program.