Report Roll Forward

PATH: System Administration > Preferences > Report Roll Forward

The Report Roll Forward tool copies selected reports created in Report Preferences and copies them from the current calendar selected in the Campus toolbar to another calendar for the school, or another school's calendar within the district. This eliminates the need to recreate the same reports in multiple calendars.

Report Roll Forward

Users must have calendar rights to the selected calendars to use this wizard.

Use the Reports Roll Forward Wizard

  1. Select the Source Reports in the reports window. Reports are separated by type: Report Card, Transcript, Schedule or eTranscript.
  2. Select a Target Calendar(s) from the dropdown list. This is the calendar into which the reports will be copied. More than one calendar can be selected.
  3. Click the Run button. A summary of the copied reports display. If more than one calendar was selected, confirmation is listed for each calendar chosen.

When rolling report cards and schedules, the Term Schedule Name, Schedule Structure Name and number of terms MUST be an exact match. If this information varies between the source school and the destination school, the report does roll forward but the terms on the reports are not selected.

Report Roll Forward Results