Report Comments Batch Wizard

PATH: System Administration > Student > Report Comments Batch

The Report Comments Batch Wizard provides a means to add Report Comments to a group of students - either by grade level or by using an ad hoc filter.  When this wizard is complete, the added report comments will appear on the student's Report Comments tab and will print on specific reports if the Report Preferences are set appropriately. 

Report Comments Batch Wizard

Report Comments will be added to ALL students who match the report criteria - either in the grade level and/or in the Ad hoc Filter.

Report Editor Details

The report editor is organized into sections where the user can select or not select certain data elements.

Report Comments

All report comments marked active will be listed here.  All report comments can be selected and will appear as active on the student's Report Comments tab.

Source Calendar

A calendar must be selected in order to correctly assign the report comments to the proper students. If a calendar is selected in the Campus toolbar, that calendar will be automatically selected in the Calendar list. Additional calendars may be selected if desired by using the CTRL and SHIFT keys.

Calendars can be chosen by Active Year, by School*or *List by Year.

Student Selection

Students can be selected by an ad hoc filter that has been previously created and saved in the Ad hoc Filter Designer or by selecting grade level(s). Only those students who are actively enrolled in the selected grades and ad hoc filter will be included in the posting of report comments.

Both an ad hoc filter and grade levels can be chosen. By doing this, the report comments will only be posted to the students in the ad hoc filter who also meet the selected grade level requirements.

Report Type

Report comments can be posted for student transcripts, report cards or schedules. Select from one of those options.

At this time, report comments are only available for report cards, transcripts and eTranscripts.

Posting Method

Report comments can be added to students in one of two ways:

  • Append - this option will add new comments, but not remove previously added comments that may already exist for some students.
  • Overwrite - this option will delete all previously posted report comments for students and add the newly selected comments.

Using the Report Comment Batch Wizard

  1. Select the Report Comments to include in the batch posting.
  2. Select the Calendar(s) from which to pull student data.
  3. Select an Ad hoc Filter, if desired.
  4. Select the Type of report for which to post comments.
  5. Select the Posting Method of either Append or Overwrite.
  6. Select the Grade Levels of students to include in the posting.
  7. Click the Run button. The wizard will process and post comments as requested.

A pop-up window will indicate when the wizard has finished, noting how many students were affected by the addition of report comments. To verify the report comments posted, navigate to a student's Report Comments page that should have had the comment added.