Push to Sections

The Push to Sections option pushes grading setup from a course to its sections.

Districts should use caution pushing changes to sections once classes are in session as changes may affect grade calculations.

Use the Push to Section option to push grading setup data to a course's sections.

Access to this option is governed by a specific Push to Section tool right. Rights are granted by user or user groups and are found in Scheduling > Courses > Course > Push to Section.

Pushing Grading Setup Data

  1. Click Push to Sections.
  2. In the pop-up that opens, Categories, Composite Grades, and Grade Calc Options are selected by default. Unselect any course data you don't want to push.
  3. Sections to be updated are listed in the pop-up with their teachers.
  4. Click Push to update sections with grading data from the course.

Additional Information