Push All Courses

PATH: Grading & Standards > Push All Courses

The Push All Courses tool pushes grading setup sections for all courses in the calendar selected in the Campus toolbar. To push data for an individual course, use the "Push to Sections" option on the Course tab.

Districts should use caution pushing changes to sections once classes are in session as changes may affect grade calculations.

The Push All Courses tool pushes course grading setup to sections.

Use the Course Awaiting Push Report, linked in the push tool, to review grading setup changes that have not been pushed to sections prior to using this tool.

Pushing All Courses

A calendar must be selected in the Campus toolbar prior to making a push request. Data is pushed for all courses in the selected. calendar.

  1. By default, Categories, Composite Grades, and Grade Calc Options will be pushed to sections. Unmark any items to remove them from the push request.
  2. Click Submit to Batch. Because these push requests often involve a large amount of data, submitting requests to the batch queue will allow the request to be processed in the background without interrupting system performance. Records of completed requests are available in the Batch Queue List. A notification is sent when the request is completed.

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