Cumulative Grading (Course Masters)

PATH: Grading & Standards > Course Masters > Grade Calc Options > Cumulative Grading Starting in

Cumulative grading establishes a starting term for calculating grades across multiple terms. Cumulative grading is established in Grade Calc Options.

This option could be useful for sections that meet across multiple terms.

Cumulative grading is established in Grade Calc Options.

To set up Cumulative Grading select a term in the Cumulative Grading Starting in field. In the example above, cumulative grading is established for all standards in all terms in the section - cumulative grading can also be set for individual tasks or standards as well.

Grade Book Example

In the grade book, any cumulative grading setup is indicated in heading of the In Progress section of Grade Total, as in the following image:

Established cumulative grading rules are indicated in the In Progress header of Grade Totals

In the example shown in the image above, the section of American & British Literature meets during Terms 1 and 2. The standard "Cite thorough textual examples" is assessed across both sections using formative assignments that are not included in calculations, and essay assignments aligned to the Summative category, which contribute to In Progress grades.

In Grade Calc Options, the district selected a Method of Mode of Last 5 and set Cumulative Grading to start in term 1. Term 2 is shown in the grade book image.

The grade book is filtered to show only assignments aligned to the Summative category. The In Progress score for the Summative Category (the Mode of last 5) is calculated from the 3 assignments in term 2 (shown above) and 2 assignments from term 1.

Cumulative Grading in Parent and Student Views

Be aware of the following when setting up cumulative grading: In parent and student views of grades (such as in the Portal and Campus Student), grades are shown for all terms included in the cumulative logic. Therefore, the current In Progress grade earned by the student will be shown for future terms, even if they haven't begun yet.