Manage a User's User Groups

PATH: System Administration > User Security > Users > User Groups

The User Groups tab lists the user groups to which the selected person is assigned.  User groups eliminate the need to individually assign tool rights to each person that needs the same access.

See the User Groups article for information about establishing user groups.

System administrators are highly encouraged to assign users to user groups as opposed to individual tool rights. This allows admins to easily remove a group of tool rights for a person by removing them from the corresponding user group, or assign tool rights to users without having to go through and individually assign each tool right per necessary tool.

Users working with many user groups (in the thousands) may experience some system performance slow down when searching for and adding user groups.

Image 1: User Groups Tab

Assigning User Groups to a User

To assign the user to a user group(s):

  1. Place your cursor in the Add User Group field and begin typing the name of the user group. The field will continue to refine results as you enter more characters. 

  2. Once you locate the group, select the group name. The user group will appear in the Current Group Membership window.
  3. Once all user groups have been selected, click the Save icon. 

Viewing the User Rights Summary

To access a comprehensive view of all tool rights the user has been granted within Campus (between Tool Rights and User Groups), click the User Rights Summary button. The User Rights Summary Report will appear in a separate window (Image 2).

You can expand tools to view additional tool rights and sub-rights. You can also hover the mouse cursor over a tool to see exactly how the user was granted rights to the tool (granted by tool rights or granted by a group). 

You will only see tools for which the user has been granted access within Campus.

Image 2: Viewing the User Rights Summary

Related Tools

User Account Batch WizardThis tool allows users to batch create student and staff user accounts using the census email address or a username patterns, enable student and staff user accounts, disable student and staff user accounts, force a password reset for student and staff user accounts, and add or remove user groups for user accounts en masse.
User Group ReportThis tool provides high-level and detailed information about which user groups exist, all tool rights and calendar rights assigned to each user group, and which user groups are assigned to which Staff Account Automation rules.