Restore a Schedule

In the Campus.1825 Release Pack (June 2018), a new Walk-In Scheduler is available in Student Information > Counseling > General > Schedule. The existing Walk-In Scheduler in Student Information > General remains for the time being. This delay allows districts time to update their training materials and train their staff without disrupting day to day operations.

Any course information added in the new Walk-In Scheduler also displays in the existing Walk-In Scheduler; courses added in the existing Walk-In Scheduler also display on the new Walk-In Scheduler. When requests have been loaded using the Schedule Wizard, those courses display in the existing Walk-In Scheduler and the new Walk-In Scheduler.

PATH: Student Information > General > Schedule

If a student has left the school, the schedule will be ended with the enrollment end date. If a student returns to school within that school year, and the school wishes to restore their schedule, the Restore option will place them back into their previously scheduled courses, even if they have since been overloaded.

  1. Enter the Effective Date. This will be the student's first day back in class.
  2. Select Restore.
  3. A pop-up message will appear, notifying the user that "The student's schedule will be restored. All dropped and future sections will be recreated as of [the Effective Date]. If these classes exceed capacity, they will be overloaded. Do you want to continue?"
  4. Select OK to continue. There is no further save button. Select View Schedule at the top of the tab to exit and print the schedule if needed. 

There may be district policy in place for restoring a student's schedule. Please consult this information provided by the district.