Request Options in Walk-In Scheduler

In the Campus.1825 Release Pack (June 2018), a new Walk-In Scheduler is available in Student Information > Counseling > General > Schedule. The existing Walk-In Scheduler in Student Information > General remains for the time being. This delay allows districts time to update their training materials and train their staff without disrupting day to day operations.

Any course information added in the new Walk-In Scheduler also displays in the existing Walk-In Scheduler; courses added in the existing Walk-In Scheduler also display on the new Walk-In Scheduler. When requests have been loaded using the Schedule Wizard, those courses display in the existing Walk-In Scheduler and the new Walk-In Scheduler.

PATH: Student Information > General > Schedule > Walk-In Scheduler

When first opening the Walk-In Scheduler, users are in Request Mode. Requests can be viewed or changed in the Walk-In Scheduler. Specific course sections cannot be placed into a request list. Once requests are entered, a schedule can be loaded or added. Requests that are entered from all areas will be visible in the Portal Registration area as well as in the Requests list of Walk-In Scheduler.

Districts should have proper guidelines in place for student scheduling before beginning this process.

For additional information on a course already on the schedule, hover over the blue or red course number-section number link. This will display the teacher of the section, the room number, the Team/Group name (if one has been assigned) and the current seat count.

When the Search icon is displayed, the user can see the student's requested courses.

Search icon and Student's Requested Courses

When the Student Requests icon is displayed, the user can search for additional courses to add to the student's schedule. Users can easily switch between these two views depending on the desired action of the user.

The scheduling grid does not refresh when switching from Request Mode to Manual Mode. Only the available tools to the right of the grid will change.

Student Request icon and Search Option

Load a New Schedule from Requests

Once requests have been added, a new schedule can be loaded based on the requests. Loads can be done for the entire year, or just a portion, such as modifying a schedule for second semester only. The Walk-in Scheduler loader will attempt to give the student the most complete schedule based on requests. It will select sections based on constraints such as balancing gender, the number of IEPs, and teams similar to the Schedule Wizard. It will also take into account the constraints set up on the course tabset. The load feature will not overload any section.

  1. Select Student Requests.
  2. Review the list of requested courses.
  3. Uncheck any terms that should not be filled or changed.
  4. Select the Load option in the action bar.
  5. A pop-up message will appear to verify if you wish to use load requests into the checked terms.
  6. Once the OK button is selected, the Walk-in Scheduler will add available sections to the student's schedule. There is no additional Save button.

If the schedule has been loaded and is not full, manual options can be used to fill the gaps in the schedule. Courses that were on the requests list that did not get placed may be due to full sections or sections that were conflicting, such as 2 courses that were only offered during first period. The load feature will also not load any course requests that were marked as Alternates.

The Load option should only be used when adding new course sections to a schedule. When the Load option is chosen and the schedule contains end-dated sections, continuing with the Load process removes grades, roster and attendance information for the selection course periods.

Unload a Schedule

It is important to remember that grade book and attendance data is not tied to the student. If the section is deleted or unloaded from the student's schedule, that data will no longer be visible. To preserve this data for reporting purposes, it is necessary to provide an end date manually or with the End function.

  1. Uncheck any terms that should not be unloaded, so that only the checked terms will be affected.
  2. Select Unload in the action bar. A pop-up message will appear notifying the user that the student will be removed from the rosters for the checked terms.. 
  3. Once the OK button is selected, the Walk-In Scheduler will remove all sections from the student's schedule. There is no additional Save button.

If the unload was done in error, use the load feature to reload the student's schedule. The grade and attendance data will be restored in the Interface as the link is reestablished.

Unloading a Schedule

If this data exists, an end date should be entered for the course section instead of deleting the record.