Missing Assignment Preferences

PATH: System Administration > Grading & Standards > Missing Assignments

The Missing Assignments tool allows districts to control how assignments flagged as Missing are calculated in the Grade Book. Assignments flagged as Missing can function as an indicator only, with no effect on calculations, or enter a percentage to calculate as that percent of Total Points.

Determine how Missing assignments calculate

Missing Assignment Calculation Logic

If the Auto-Calculate checkbox is not marked, the Missing flag in the Grade Book becomes an indicator only. In this instance, teachers CAN score assignments flagged as Missing.

If this checkbox is marked, the Missing Percentage can be entered. Any assignments flagged as Missing in that school calculate as the entered percentage of Total Points. In this instance, teachers CANNOT score assignments flagged as Missing. Teachers can enter scores for missing assignments, but the missing flag must then be removed. For example, if the percentage is set at 25% and an assignment worth 20 points is flagged as missing, that assignment calculates as 5 points. By default, the Missing Percentage entered is 0.

Teachers can see the calculated score if applicable by hovering over the score field.

Hover over the score field to see the calculated score of a missing assignment

Entering a Missing Percentage

  1. Leave the Auto-Calculate checkbox marked.
  2. Enter a Missing Percentage value for a school, or enter one at the top to fill all schools.
  3. Click Save when finished.

Be aware that grade calculations are updated as soon as a change is saved.