Create a New Schedule using Search

In the Campus.1825 Release Pack (June 2018), a new Walk-In Scheduler is available in Student Information > Counseling > General > Schedule. The existing Walk-In Scheduler in Student Information > General remains for the time being. This delay allows districts time to update their training materials and train their staff without disrupting day to day operations.

Any course information added in the new Walk-In Scheduler also displays in the existing Walk-In Scheduler; courses added in the existing Walk-In Scheduler also display on the new Walk-In Scheduler. When requests have been loaded using the Schedule Wizard, those courses display in the existing Walk-In Scheduler and the new Walk-In Scheduler.

PATH: Student Information > General > Schedule

When using the Search mode, which is viewed by selecting the Search/Student Requests toggle, a scheduler can view available course and section information matching the search criteria. Not setting any criteria and just selecting Search will bring up all available sections in the Calendar. Searching by more than one category will narrow searches down further. Courses without sections will not display in the search results.

Searching for Courses

Walk-In Scheduler Course Search Fields

Search Field


Start DateIndicates the date the student will begin the course. It defaults to the current date if the school year has already begun (student begins after the term start date). If the current date is before the first day of the term, no date is entered (the user will need to enter a date in order to search properly). 

Course Number

Search for a particular course by course number. Partial numbers and wildcards are not available.

Course Name

Search option will pull any matches of exact searches. For example, searching ATH will pull up all courses with Math, Mathematics, and Athletics in the title, as they all contain the letters ATH.


Department can be set on the Course tab. All courses that are attached to a particular department will display.


Search teachers by the last name. This returns data based on the Teacher Display Name field entered on the Section editor.


Search by the term that the student needs to fill. Any course that covers that period will display. If Term is set to 3, then any course that is taught third term will display, including courses taught over second semester as well as year-long courses. Term name must match the term name along the top of the table and on the Calendar.


Search by the period needed to fill. Period name must match the period name along the left side of the table and on the Calendar.


Search by the period schedule named on the Calendar. If the rotating days are named A and B, then searching A will bring up courses that meet only on A days as well as courses that meet on both A and B days.

Search Results

When searching, all courses with sections that match the search criteria will display below in the Section Search window. Leaving all criteria blank will display all sections by course number. If no searches match, the box will be empty. Search results in red are available but at or above the maximum student count set on the course or section.

To add a section to the student's schedule, select it from the search results by clicking on the section information. Courses display in bold; section information displays below the course. There is no save button. The section will immediately be visible in the schedule grid. Selecting the section twice will result in duplication on the schedule.

Search Results

When searching, it is important to use the Walk-In Scheduler Section Search. Selecting search results in the Search tab on the left side of the screen (where other Campus tools are chosen) results in leaving the Walk-in Scheduler.

Search results return the Course Name and Section Number, current student count and total number of students desired for that section, the teacher's name, the term in which the section meets, the period in which the section meets, days of the week (if a rotating schedule) and the number of students who have a locked IEP currently scheduled into the section. 

Results of the search remain after selecting a course section to add to the student schedule.

Sections may only be overloaded if the user has proper tool rights to do so.

Search Result Definitions

Searching by Empty

An alternative to searching by filling in the criteria by hand is to select on a blue Empty in the schedule grid. This will automatically load all sections available during that term and period. It is important to note that sections that span multiple terms, periods, or day rotations that meet during the time frame selected will display. If Term 2, Period 9 is selected, sections may display that meet term 2 and 3, as well as that span 2 periods, such as a block science class that occurs periods 8 and 9.

Once the Empty has been selected, additional criteria can be added to narrow the search, such as setting the Department dropdown to Math to find a math section that occurs during that time. Select the section to add it to the student's schedule.

EMPTY Schedule Search Results