Control Center

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The Control Center allows teachers to view current tasks at a glance. Current day attendance and assignments to be scored are sorted by period. Sections that meet in other days of a day rotation are listed at the bottom, if applicable. The Control Center does not obey context of the School and Calendar selected so that teachers can view information for everywhere they teach. Assignments with a due date in the current term are displayed.

This tool has been optimized for use on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.

Use the Control Center to take attendance and score assignments easily.

Taking Attendance

Sections for which attendance needs to be taken are indicated with an orange dot and outline once the period has ended. Prior to the end of the period, attendance that will need to be taken during the day is indicated with an empty grey circle. Completed attendance is indicated with a green check. Click Take to enter student attendance.

Indicate if students are Present, Absent, or Tardy.

Mark the Present, Absent, or Tardy buttons to record student attendance. EnterĀ Comments for absences and tardies if applicable. Click Save when finished.

If attendance has been recorded by the attendance office, the attendance code displays.

Scoring Assignments

The Assignments column allows teachers to score assignments due on or before the current day. To display, an assignment's End Date must be within the current Term. The number in parenthesis indicates the number of unscored assignments. Click Score to record scores.

Unscored assignments are listed by default, with options for All and Missing assignments.

In the panel that opens, unscored assignments are listed by default. Click All to view all assignments in the section or Missing to view assignments flagged as missing.

Click on an assignment to view students. For a specific assignment, view All students (including those with scores), only Unscored, or those flagged as Missing using the buttons at the top.

Score and flag students assignments

Filling Scores

Fill options display at the top of the scoring panel. Mark all assignments as Turned In and score all assignments. Anything entered in the Fill Scores area overwrites data entered on the current panel.

Scoring Individuals

Scores and flags can also be recorded for individual students. Enter numeric scores or select a score from the dropdown for assignments scored using Marks or Rubrics.

Assignments with multiple alignments display with multiple score fields.


To flag the assignment, click the Turned In button or use the flag dropdown list to select a different flag. Once a flag is selected, click it to remove it. Keyboard shortcuts, such as typing 'M' to flag as missing, cannot be entered in the Control Center.

The Turned In and Missing flags cannot be marked at the same time. If a score is entered for an assignment flagged as missing, options display for resolving the flag.

Student Information

Click on a student's name to open the student information panel.

Click on a student's name to view contact and schedule information

Basic information about the student is listed at the top, with sections for additional information.

SectionDescriptionExample Image
Contact InformationContact Information is based on the student's Household. The emergency contact priority is shown below the individual's name, if entered.

Today's ScheduleThe student's schedule is listed with Room numbers. The section where the student is currently scheduled is indicated with a border.

GradesGrades are only shown for the current section, from which the student's information was accessed.

AttendanceAttendance is shown for the current month, for this section only. Absences and tardies are totaled in the legend at the bottom. Scroll within the calendar to view other months.