Restore Student's Schedule

Path: Student Information > General > Schedule > Walk-In Scheduler

If a student has left the school and an end date was put on their enrollment, the schedule will automatically be ended. If the student returns to school, their schedule can be restored once a new enrollment in the same school and year is created.

  1. Enter the date on which the schedule should become active in the Effective Date field.
  2. Click Restore.
  3. A message will appear verifying the restoring of the schedule. If sections that the student was previously assigned to have been filled to capacity, restoring the schedule will overload the sections. The ability to overload sections is a user tool right that is determined in System Administration > User Security.
  4. Click OK to restore the student's schedule. Sections that appear in red are at capacity or the student has a student-to-student constraint in the section. If the constraint is "strict" the students may not be placed in the same section. If the constraint is not marked as strict, the students may be placed in the same section only if there are no other course section options available. 

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