Find and Fill Gap in Individual Student's Schedule with User-Selected Course

Path: Student Information > General > Schedule > Walk In Scheduler

When scheduling students, it may not be possible to fulfill all requests. This results in the need to manually fill the empty holes in the schedule.

  1. Select the period for which to add sections by clicking on the hyperlinked word Empty.
  2. When this is done, the right-hand side of the screen will provide a search screen. The term and period search fields will be entered by default, and matching course sections will appear in the search results area.
    • Sections listed in red indicate that the section exists during the selected time, but it is at capacity. 
    • This may also indicate that the student has a student-to-student constraint in the section. If the constraint is "strict" the students may not be placed in the same section. If the constraint is not marked as non-strict, the student may be placed in the section only if there are no other course section options available.
  3. Select the desired section from the search results. The selected section will appear in the student’s schedule grid.