Change Student's Current Schedule

Path: Student Information > General > Schedule > Walk-In Scheduler

If a student has attended the class even once, it is critically important to preserve any and all data associated with that roster entry, such as grades in the teacher grade book and attendance data. Preserving this information will be done if a drop date is added to the section the student is dropping and a start date is put on the course they will be attending. The two ways to accomplish this are explained below.

Drop and Add mode Using the @ Sign

  1. Select the course to be added to the student’s schedule from the requests list.
  2. Select Drop & Add in the Manual Mode dropdown list.
  3. Select the available section to be added in the schedule grid.
    • Green - a section exists during that time and has open seats. Open sections also have a triangle in the lower right corner that when hovered over will indicate that the section is open.
    • Red - a section exists during that time on the schedule, but is at capacity. This may also indicate that the student has a student-to-student constraint in the section. If the constraint is "strict" the students may not be placed in the same section. If the constraint is not marked as strict, the students may be placed in the same section only if there are no other course section options available.
    • Yellow - the student is currently scheduled into the course at that time.

  4. Click OK.
  5. Enter the date on which the student will start attending the new course section in the Effective Date field. The course section being replaced will be dropped as of the day before the date entered Effective Date, indicating their last day of attendance in that section. 
Manual Drop Dates

To manually add an end date for a student for a section, click the section number in the student’s schedule. This will open a new window where these dates can be entered. When finished, save the date by clicking Save.