Quick Assessments

 This tool is available as part of the Campus Learning premium offering. Visit What is Campus Learning? to learn more.

PATH: Wherever the assignment editor is accessible, such as Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Assignment > Quick Assessment

The Quick Assessment tool allows teachers to create simple assessments attached to assignments. Questions are multiple choice (including True/False) and are scored automatically based on the number of points possible. Students take Quick Assessments through Campus Student Portal.

Quick Assessments are composed of multiple choice questions and are distributed through Campus Student.

Creating a Quick Assessment

  1. Open an assignment. Scroll to the For Students section and expand.
  2. Click Quick Assessment.
  3. Enter question text in the WYSIWYG editor(s) provided. Add additional questions by clicking Add Question at the bottom of the editor. Questions are numbered in the order that they display. There's no limit to how many questions you can add.
  4. For each question, enter possible answers in the lines provided. Add additional answer options using the Add Answer buttons. 
  5. Verify that the Correct answer is selected for each question.
  6. Click OK to attach the assessment to the assignment.

Students can view and take the assessment in Campus Student Portal.

Students can take Quick Assessments through Campus Student

Deleting an Assessment

Delete the assessment by clicking the 'X' next to it:

Administering Quick Assessments

Quick Assessments are scored automatically once students submit their answers. Questions are each worth an equal number of points, based on the points possible. For example, if an assessment has 3 questions and is worth 9 points total, each question is worth 3 points. Scores with decimals are rounded to the nearest hundredth.

When a student is currently taking a Quick Assessment, an In Progress link displays in the grade book. Click on a link to view a student's current progress through the assessment. Assessments cannot be edited once a student has started taking it.

Once a student submits an assessment, the score is calculated automatically, the Turned In flag is marked, and the submission link changes to a date/timestamp. Click on a link to view a student's assessment, filtered by incorrect questions and all.

Review student answers by clicking on the submission timestamp

Once a student hits Submit on the assessment, correct and incorrect answers are indicated.

Correct and incorrect answers are indicated once a student submits an assessment

Considerations for Quick Assessments