Lunch Counts

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The Lunch Counts Report prints the number of lunches, milks and adult lunches for each course for the entered date. This information is tallied from the data the teacher enters on the attendance entries in the Lunch, Milk and Adult Lunch fields.

Image 1: Lunch Counts Report

This sort of lunch service - where lunches are made available for a set number of students and adults - may be used in restricted classrooms or schools where there is no specific lunch location but lunch is provided for students.

In order for this report to accurately tally lunch counts, the Course Section must be marked accordingly to allow the recording of this information (Image 2) and the teacher of the Course Section must record the counts when recording Attendance (image 3).

Image 2: Section Detail - Lunch, Milk and Adult Count

Image 3: Teacher Attendance - Lunch, Milk and Adult Count

Lunch Counts Report Process


Staff Person


Mark the appropriate count fields for recording Lunch Counts, Milk Counts, Adult Counts

Administrative person responsible for course management (counselor, principal, curriculum director, etc.)

Course Sections

Record lunch count information when recording attendance for the section



Generate the Lunch Counts Report for accurate lunch tallies

Food Service Staff

Lunch Counts Report

Generating the Lunch Counts Report

  1. Enter the effective Date in the date field in mmddyy format or click the calendar icon to select a date.
  2. Click the Generate Report button.
    The report generates in PDF format, listing the Course Number, Section, Teacher Name, and the appropriate values for lunches, milks and adult lunches.

    The teacher displayed on the Lunch Counts report is the Primary Teacher on the section.

Image 4: Lunch Counts Report