Assignment Defaults

PATH: Campus Instruction > Grade Book > Settings > Assignment Defaults

Assignment Defaults allow teachers to create templates for assignments, with options for Section Groups, Date, Grading Setup, and other assignment elements. Defaults help teachers save time when creating assignments with options that they use often.

A teacher can have multiple defaults set. One default can be set to apply automatically whenever assignments are created.

Create Defaults in the Settings menu of the Grade Book

Creating Defaults

To create a default, click Assignment Defaults from the Settings menu of the Grade Book and then click Add.

Select options that will be applied to assignments that have this default selected.

The first three options relate to the default itself and how it will be used:

The remaining options are applied to an assignment with the default is selected:

PortalIndicates if the Portal checkbox should be marked or not on the assignment. This checkbox determines whether the assignment displays in Campus Student and the Portal.
Assigned DateOptions are the Current Date when the assignment is created or a date up to 5 days before or after the current date.
Due DateOptions are the Same as Assigned Date or a date up to 5 days after the assigned date.
Grade Book SequenceOptions are to Increment the sequence value by populating the next whole number after the highest current sequence number or populate the entered sequence value.
Scoring TypeOptions are Rubrics, Marks, or Points. See the Creating Assignments article for more information about these options.
Total PointsIf Marks or Points are selected for the scoring type, this field indicates the number of points possible.
MultiplierMultiplies the assignments score by the value entered. For example, a 10 point assignment with a multiplier of 2 would be worth 20 points.

Applying Defaults

Apply a default to an assignment by selecting an Assignment Default at the top of an assignment. Options selected in the default populate in the new assignment.

Selecting a default will overwrite currently selected options. Options populated by the default can be modified after a default is selected.

Select defaults on an assignment when you create it