Student Online Assessment (Portal)

The information in this article is specific to submitting assignments on the Portal. To see a full description of the Portal, see the Campus Portal for Parents and Students article.


PATH : Campus Portal > Calendar > A+ Icon > Assignment Name

PATH : Campus Portal > Schedule > Course Name > Assignment Name

Using the Campus Portal, students can complete and submit online assessments posted there by teachers. Online assessments are accessed from the Calendar tab or through the Schedule tab.

Online Assessments are administered through Assignments - through the Calendar and the Schedule assessments will appear the same as assignments.

Through the Calendar Tab

In the Calendar tab, "A+" icons indicate when an assignment is due. Click the icon to view all assignments due on that day. Click on the Name of the assignment to view assignment details. The Description of the assignment will indicate if an online assessment should be submitted through the Portal.

Image 1: Accessing Assignments through the Calendar

Through the Schedule Tab

From the Schedule tab, click the Course Name next to the Notebook icon. Then click the name of the assignment. The Description of the assignment will indicate if an online assessment should be submitted through the Portal.

Image 2: Accessing Assignments through the Schedule

For more details on the Calendar tab or Schedule tab, see the Campus Portal for Parents and Students article.

Online Assessment Information

When an assignment includes an online assessment to be completed and submitted through the Portal, the Assignment Detail will include an Online Assessment section.

Assignment Detail Section

The Assignment Detail Section includes all information provided to the student by the teacher, including Due Date, Points Possible and a Description of the assignment. The Online Assessment section of the Details will include the Status of the assessment (whether or not it has been started), a link to Start Assessment (or Continue Assessment) and a Max Duration (Time Limit) if one has been set by the teacher.

Image 3: Assignment Detail Section - Online Assessment

Click Start Assessment or Continue Assessment to view the Assessment Detail.

Assessment Detail Section

Image 4: Assessment Detail

The Assessment Detail screen will show the Due Date and Date Assigned as well as the Start and End Times the assessment is available (Time Assigned and Due Time). If a time limit has been set by the teacher, it will be shown in the Max Duration field. If the student has already begun the assessment, the date the assessment was started will appear in Partial Response with the Remaining time below it. Once a timed assessment has been started, the timer cannot be paused. 

Click Start or Continue Assessment to open the assessment.

Taking the Assessment

Online assessments will appear one question at a time, beginning with the first unanswered question. There are four types of questions:

Image 5: Taking the Assessment

To answer a question, select or enter the answer and click Submit and Next. Answers can be modified after the question is answered as long as the assessment itself has not been submitted. Using the Item Navigation area at the bottom of the assessment, students can skip between questions.

At any point during the assessment, students can review answers using the Item Navigation area if desired. Otherwise, click Submit Assessment. Once an assessment is submitted, it cannot be modified.

If the time limit runs out while the student is taking the assessment, all entered work will be submitted, even in progress questions (such as a partially completed essay question).

See the Grades article for instructions on viewing scored assignments.

Viewing Scores and Teacher Feedback

Once an assessment is scored, the score will appear in the Score Detail section of the assignment. Teachers also can provide feedback for an assessment as a whole or individual items. Assessment-level score and comments may be visible in the Score Detail section with item-level feedback accessed through the Online Assessment section.

Image 6: Score and Teacher Feedback

If the teacher has released item feedback, click the Review Item Feedback link in the Online Assessment Detail, then the Review Item Feedback button to view answers and question-specific comments. Each question will have the correct answer indicated, as well as the score awarded. Any teacher comments will also be visible.

Image 7: Item-Level Score and Feedback