Student Assignment Submission (Portal)

The information in this article is specific to submitting assignments on the Portal. To see a full description of the Portal, see the Campus Portal for Parents and Students article.


PATH : Campus Portal > Calendar > A+ Icon > Assignment Name

PATH : Campus Portal > Schedule > Course Name > Assignment Name

Using the Campus Portal, students can complete and submit assignments posted there by teachers. Assignments are accessed from the Calendar tab or through the Schedule tab.

The options available for assignment submission, such as Attachments or text Student Responses depend on the assignment preferences set by the teacher. Not all options shown in this article will appear for every assignment.

Through the Calendar Tab

In the Calendar tab, "A+" icons indicate when an assignment is due. Click the icon to view all assignments due on that day. The Description of the assignment will indicate if a response should be submitted through the Portal. Unscored activities can only be accessed through the Calendar.

Image 1: Accessing Assignments through the Calendar

Through the Schedule Tab

From the Schedule tab, click the Course Name next to the Notebook icon. Then click the name of the assignment. The Description of the assignment will indicate if a response should be submitted through the Portal.

Image 2: Accessing Assignments through the Schedule

For more details on the Calendar tab or Schedule tab, see the Campus Portal for Parents and Students article.

Submitting an Assignment

When an assignment is enabled to be submitted via the Portal, the Assignment page is divided into sections, the Assignment Detail section and the Assignment Submissions section.

Assignment Detail Section

The Assignment Detail Section includes all information provided to the student by the teacher, including Due Date, Points Possible, etc. The work to be completed and returned to the teacher will be included in the Description section. Details will likely differ based on whether the teacher requires a text (Image 3) or file (Image 4) response.

Image 3: Assignment Detail Section - Text Submission Example

Image 4: Assignment Detail Section - File Attachment Example

Assignment Submissions Section

Students enter work to be submitted to the teacher in the Assignment Submissions Section. Work entered in here can be edited as long as the Status of the assignment is OPEN. The Attachments section lists any files the student has attached to the assignment. Anything written in the Student Response section will appear to the teacher just as it does in the text box. Students can enter comments regarding the assignment in the Student Comments area below the Response area.

Saving a comment will not count as a submission. Teachers can view and respond to student comments before a student response is submitted.

Click the Save button to save your work. The teacher will be able to view any saved material regardless of the assignment's due date.

Image 5: Assignment Submission Section

If the teacher has enabled file attachments for the assignment, click Attach File to attach a file. Enter a unique name for the file and click Browse to select a file. Then click Next. In the next window, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking Agree to proceed. Campus acts as only a carrier for attached files - files are downloaded and opened in the program in which they are saved. For example, if a student attaches an Excel file, the teacher will need Excel in order to download and view the file.

The appearance of the Attach File window will vary based on browser.

Image 6: Attaching a File

Attached files will appear in the Assignment Submissions area. Click the 'X' next to a file name to remove the attachment.

If the teacher enters any feedback concerning the student's response or comments, it will appear at the top of the Assignment Submission section.

I mage 7: Teacher Feedback


The assignment status will remain as OPEN until the teacher marks the assignment as Turned In, at which point the Student Response and Comments sections will be closed for editing.