School Choice (Portal)

The Campus Portal was replaced by Campus Student and Campus Parent in Summer 2019.

This document is written for use by parents. Districts can choose to provide this information to their parents or use it as a guide for creating district-owned documentation.

PATH: Campus Portal > Student Selection > School Choice

School Choice allows students to attend a different school than the one mandated by their geographic location and its attendance school and district boundaries.

Image 1: Student School Choice

School Choice Settings

Not all districts use this program. In areas where School Choice is used, students can apply to attend a variety of participating private and public schools, usually based on a system of vouchers, tax credits and scholarships. The program is designed to give parents more input as to which primary and secondary schools their children attend.

The School Choice tab allows parents to submit school choice applications and track their status towards possible admission and enrollment in the following school year.

Selecting a School

When directed by the school district (via email announcement or other communication), select which school is the first, second or third choice for enrollment in the next school year. Click the Submit Application button when finished.

At the designated time, the school district will process applications and you will be notified accordingly. Enrollment information and course selection will follow.