Portal (System Administration)

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The Campus Portal provides parents/guardians and students access to student information and school communications. This is an optional feature free-of-charge to the school district. Students and parents/guardians must have received a Portal URL to access the Campus Portal and the School District should establish Terms of Use and review the Portal Setup information prior to allowing access.

The Portal folder in System Administration provides schools with configuring features available to parents and students on the Portal. In addition, Self Service preferences, the Portal Usage Report and the Portal Request Summary Report are located in this folder.

System Administration Portal

See the Portal Tool Rights for a description of applicable tool rights for this area.

Managing Portal Preferences



Select data elements to be viewed by students and guardians

Display Options

Enable self service portal options

Self Service

Enable push notifications for Mobile Portal apps


Generating Portal Reports



Generate a report of portal activity

Portal Usage Report

Generate a report for changes requested to data via Portal Self Service

Portal Request Summary Report

For Parents and Students

The following articles describe Portal tools for parents and students: