Health (Portal)

The Campus Portal was replaced by Campus Student and Campus Parent in Summer 2019.

This document is written for use by parents. Districts can choose to provide this information to their parents or use it as a guide for creating district-owned documentation.


PATH: Portal > Health

Every state mandates a series of vaccinations to be given to students over several academic years. In addition to vaccines and doses, the Portal will display vaccination compliance.This is required for a student to remain in school. If the student is not vaccinated, the school must have a waiver on file.

Image 1: Portal - Health

Vaccination Compliance

Vaccinations will appear with the following statuses:

Image 2: Vaccination Compliance Display

Certain vaccines may be grouped together, depending on state requirements, to achieve compliance. These vaccines will appear with an asterisk indicating compliance has been achieved. An example of this is the vaccine are Measles, Mumps and Rubella which will provide compliance for an individual dose of Measles and Mumps.

Image 3: Grouped Vaccination - Asterisk Display

Vaccination Print

To print a student's immunization from the Portal, use the browser Print icon. See Image 4 for a printed view of the student's immunizations. It is recommended that the print layout be changed to a landscape view for easier reading.

Image 4: Immunization Print

Sports Physical

A student's health tab also shows the date of when the student last received a Sports Physical.

Image 5: Last Sports Physical