Assessment (Portal)

The Campus Portal was replaced by Campus Student and Campus Parent in Summer 2019.

This document is written for use by parents. Districts can choose to provide this information to their parents or use it as a guide for creating district-owned documentation.

PATH: Campus Portal > Student Selection > Assessments

The Assessment tab stores information regarding a student's performance on various standardized district-wide, state and federal tests and assessments.

Image 1: Student Assessments


Although each state or district may label these tests differently, they still serve as important benchmarks of a student's academic achievements, and can be reported to districts and state and federal governments to determine a district's success in teaching required standards. The information displayed here helps parents to be aware of assessments and knowledgeable of their student's progress in them.

Assessments and the scores earned on them display in this tab. Not all assessments appear on the Portal. Assessments are excluded from displaying on as whole, rather than on a class-by-class or student-by-student basis.