Campus Student

Campus Student is the new version of the Campus Portal. It includes enhanced features to make it more useful for students, including a responsive design optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets. Additional tools will be added to Campus Student in the coming months.

Button to Access the New Campus Student

The new Campus Student application and existing Portal work in parallel; students can switch between as needed. Currently, Campus Student only includes tools designed for students. Additional updates for parents are forthcoming.

Using Campus Student

In Campus Student, navigate between tools in the menu on the left. On mobile devices, this menu shrinks to a "hamburger" or "three bars" icon to save space.

Click the Person icon in the top right to log out. To switch to the previous Portal, click the Students dropdown and select Portal.

Campus Student

Tools Available in Campus Student

Tool NameDescriptionExample Image (click to view)

The Today view shows the student's schedule for the current day and lists any assignments due today or tomorrow.

The schedule shows the times of the periods during the day and the student's courses, with the teacher's name and room assigned.

The assignments list covers all of the student's courses, including those that may not meet on the current day. Click on the assignment or the course name to view details.

In districts that use Campus Food Service, the student's Lunch Balance displays at the top.

Weekly Overview

The Weekly Overview collects a student's assignments for the week in a simple, single page overview.

In this overview, students can view assignments for the week and see scores. Assignments display for the calendar day on which they are Due.

Flagged assignments, such as the Missing assignment above, are also shown. Scored assignments are shown with the points possible, if applicable, or the percentage or rubric score earned.

Navigate to other weeks using the Last Week and Next Week buttons (< and > on a mobile device), or click This Week to return to the current week.


The Grades tool shows all of the posted grades earned by the student for all tasks (such as Trimester or Semester grades) and standards. Posted grades are no longer in progress.

Each task or standard shows the terms into which it's scheduled, the grade received, and any report card comments entered by the teacher. Click on the speech bubble to view comments or the course name to view details.

The student's Cumulative GPA also displays at the top of the Grades tab.

Grade Book Updates

Grade Book Updates lists all of the assignments that have been scored or otherwise updated in the last XX days.

Click on the assignment or the course name to view details.


The Attendance tool lists the absences and tardies for attendance taking periods in the selected term. Navigate between terms using the options at the top.

Click on a period to view details. On the detail view, absences and tardies are divided by type (excused, unexcused, exempt, or unknown), with all absences and tardies listed below. Day absences are only reported when the student was absent for the whole day. 


The Schedule tool shows the student's schedule for each term, including any day rotations. Schedules are shown for all the whole year, all terms, and all of the student's enrollments.

Each schedule includes the times of the periods during the day and the student's courses, with the teacher's name and room assigned. If a day rotation is in place, the day is indicated in the top right corner of the schedule. Click on the course name to view details.


Announcements are posted at a school or district level. Click Show More to display additional text for longer announcements.

Announcements display based on the timeline set by the creator and cannot be deleted or archived.

ReportsAvailable reports can include a printable schedule, report cards, transcripts, and personal learning documents such as PLPs and IEPs.

NotificationsThe Notifications dropdown list shows a simple list of notifications the student has received, such as graded assignments.


Links in Campus Student

In various areas of Campus Student, clicking links opens details for items such as assignments and courses.

Available LinkDescriptionExample Image
AssignmentClick on an assignment to view details, such as dates, teacher name, and the description. For now, you need to access the assignment in the existing Portal to view attachments and make submissions.
Course NameClick on a course name to view the Course/Section number, Period, Room, section Website, and any upcoming assignments.