eTranscript (Portal)

This document is written for use by parents. Districts can choose to provide this information to their parents or use it as a guide for creating district-owned documentation.

PATH: Portal > eTranscript

The eTranscript tool allows students and parents/guardians to request release of a student's electronic transcript and track the status of the transcript request. This tool is designed to eliminate the manual process of verifying and releasing student transcripts as well as allowing schools to generate the student transcript in a widely accepted electronic format.

Image 1: eTranscript Portal Option

Requesting and Reviewing Student Transcripts

Submitting a new request for release of a student's electronic transcript allows the school to generate the transcript in a computer-readable format for submission colleges/universities and/or third party transcript vendors.

Image 2: Requesting Release of a Transcript

To request release of a student's transcript, click the New Request button. Users will be directed to the eTranscript Request Confirmation editor.

Image 3: Authorizing Release of the Transcript

Confirm authorization of the transcript release by checking the I am requesting and authorizing release of the student's eTranscript checkbox and clicking the Request button. The transcript request has now been made and users will be directed back to the eTranscript Center editor.

When transcript request has been made, the student whose transcript was requested will appear on the eTranscript editor. Users can view details about the request by clicking on the student's name under the Student column. The Released Date column will remain blank until the school releases the transcript.

Image 4: Viewing Released Transcripts

Once the school has generated the XML file through the release process, the Released Date column will populate with the date it was generated. Users should use this column as confirmation that the eTranscript was generated. Click the student's name under the Student column to view additional information about the eTranscript record.

Accessing Electronically Released eTranscript Records

If a student's eTranscript request was electronically released, meaning it was sent to a third-party transcript vendor, the student will display a Select Destination hyperlink in the Transcript Destination field.

Image 5: Accessing the eTranscript

Selecting the Select Destination hyperlink will redirect users to Docufide's website where the parent/guardian (if they have a registered account with Docufide) can log into their account and access the eTranscript. The eTranscript will be accessible in their account and awaiting further processing.

Viewing Transcript Request History

Users can view details about a transcript request by selecting the student's name under the Student column. Information such as when the request was made, who made the request, when the request was released, who released the transcript and any comments about the transcript release are detailed.

Image 6: Viewing Request Status Details