Multi-Post Grades

The Multi-Post Grades tool allows teachers to post grades for multiple tasks or standards at the same time. Grades are sourced from the In-Progress grades area of the Grade Book. This tool can save time for teachers who have to post grades often (such as to a weekly Progress task) or who have to post grades to many tasks or standards.

There are two ways to access the Multi-Post Grades tool, through the Settings menu of Grade Book or through the Post Grades tool:

Access Multi-Post Grades from the Grade Book or Post Grades

Because the Multi-Post Grades tool pulls in-progress grades and proficiency estimates from the Grade Book, the Grade Calculation Options for each section must be set up. Additionally, tasks and standards must be added to a course to be used in the posting process.

Step 1: Select Source and Destination

The first step of posting grades en masse is selecting which source sections/tasks are posting to which destination section. The scenario shown in the images below is of a teacher posting a Progress grade for her three sections from the Term Grade task. Click on a row in the section list to make fields editable.

Step 1: Selecting Destination and Source
  1. Select the Term(s), Section(s), and Task(s) to which grades will be posted (destination) in the Post to Filters. Each dropdown list filters the subsequent lists. For example, selecting Term 1 limits the Section dropdown list to list only your Course/Sections from Term 1. Selections also limit the Source options available below.
  2. Indicate if grades being posted should Overwrite Existing Grades that have already been posted.
  3. Select which Sections to post grades from (source). Only sections that include the destination task or standard are listed.
  4. Select the Term and Task to post grades from. Applicable "Post to" tasks are listed for each section.
  5. Click Next to review grades prior to posting.

Step 2: Review Prior to Post

Once you've selected your source and destination sections, use this screen to review what grades will be posted, both high level and in detail. Click on a Section name to view student-level details.

Review Summary or Detail Information before Posting


The first review screen provides a summary for each section of the options selected in the previous screen and the students for whom grades will be posted (New/Updated Grades) and for whom there is no grade to post (No Grades). The Updated total is dependent on whether existing posted grades are being overwritten.


Click on a Section link to view grades to be posted for specific students.

Post StatusIndicates if the grade being posted is a new grade, is updating (overwriting) an already posted grade, or is an existing grade that will not be overwritten. This column also indicates if there is no grade to post or no change in the grade.
Old Grade/PercentShows any existing posted grade/percent for the student.
New Grade/PercentShows the grade that will be posted when the teacher clicks Post on the summary screen.

Filter the student list using the options at the top:

Close the detail view to return to Step 2 and post grades.

Posting Grades

After reviewing grades to be posted, click Post to post grades. A message indicating that "Your grades have been posted successfully." displays at the top of the screen. Click Close to return to the Grade Book or Post Grades tool, or click Back to return to Step 1 and post another set of grades.

Message Indicating that Grades have been Posted