Student Portal (New)

A new version of the Campus Portal is currently in a Closed Beta testing period. The new Portal includes enhanced features to make it more useful for students, including a responsive design optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets.

Button to Access the New Portal

New features will be released in this new Portal piece by piece in the upcoming months. Because the new Portal is currently in Closed Beta, it is not available in all districts.

The new Portal and existing Portal work in parallel; students can switch between as needed. Currently, the new Portal only includes tools designed for students. Additional updates for parents are forthcoming.

Using the New Portal

In the new Portal, navigate between tools in the menu on the left. On mobile devices, this menu shrinks to a "hamburger" or "three bars" icon to save space.

Click the Person icon in the top right to log out.

New Portal

Currently the following tools are available in the new Portal: