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Attendance Color Codes

The following colors are displayed with the attendance code for each type of attendance event. 




Unknown (default when no attendance code set)







Summary Information

Attendance data is summarized by Term and by Course and is organized by period and attendance status (absent, early release and tardy). The values are totaled using all excuse types (excluding Exempt attendance marks).

Student Attendance Tab - Term Summary

Instructional Days

The total Instructional days for a school is determined by the district. This value is based on the number of Instruction days associated with the calendar. It is not entered into a field, but rather, when calendar days are set, each day can be marked as Instruction, as well as a variety of other day types.

This value does not change based on a student's attendance record. As a student progresses through the term, the total number of Instructional Days remains at the same value (the total number of school days from the start of the term to the end of the term, as long as the student is enrolled in courses).

If a student is enrolled from the first day of the term to the last day of the term, with no interruptions in enrollment, the instructional days value matches the total number of school days for the term. If a student is not enrolled for an entire term, NaN displays.

When a student has multiple enrollments during the term (the student's enrollment ends and a new enrollment begins at a later date), the Instructional Days value does not change.

Present Days

The Present Days value is calculated based on the total number of minutes in an instructional day where the student is not marked absent or tardy. If a student has perfect attendance (no attendance marks), the Present Days value matches the Instructional Days value (see image below).

Instructional Days = Present Days

When a student has an attendance mark (that is not exempt), the Present Value changes based on how many minutes the student was absent.

Instructional Days, Present Days

When a student has multiple enrollments during the term (the student's enrollment ends and a new enrollment begins at a later date), the Present Days value changes to reflect the actual days the student was in attendance at the school. The Instructional Days value does not change. For example, a student's enrollment begins on September 6 and ends on September 16, giving the student 9 present days The same student returns to the school on September 26 with a new enrollment record. The Present Days value to reflect this new enrollment start date minus any instructional days the student misses. But the Instructional Days value is still the number of days in the term, regardless of the student being enrolled in the school. 

Course Summary

For the primary term schedule the total number of absent and tardy events are calculated for each distinct course. The results are displayed in the course summary.

Student Attendance Tab - Course Summary

Dates can be entered in the following valid date formats:

  • MM/DD/YY
  • MM-DD-YY

Or, select the calendar icon to choose a new date.

Any other date format is considered an invalid format and will return a warning message that directs the user to reenter the date in a valid format.

Modification Alerts

The Attendance tab will note the last person to have modified the student's attendance record when the entry is hovered over. This is reported when a new entry is added or when an existing entry is modified.

Image 3: Attendance Modification Notice

Attendance Options

Attendance can be entered using Standard Attendance (attendance is based on absence) or Positive Attendance (attendance is based on presence). Choose the Positive Attendance icon to enter present records, or choose the Standard Attendance (default display) to enter absent records.

The Positive Attendance option only displays if the Positive Attendance Preference is set to Yes.

Standard Attendance, Positive Attendance

When entering Positive Attendance records, attendance records are organized by the Term in which the attendance event occurred. Events can then be organized by Term then Date, Term then Section, or Section then Term. The editor can also be expanded to show all events in the terms, or collapsed to show no events in the term. Use the plus/minus signs to expand areas as needed.

Positive Attendance Entries - Group By Options, Collapse/Expand Options

Selecting a positive attendance entry from this date view displays a summary of the entry.

Positive Attendance Summary View