Troubleshooting (Cashiers Guide)

The following questions (Q) and answers (A) apply to common food service cashier operations:

Q. Some patron pictures do not display.
A. The patrons do not have pictures uploaded to their main Campus account.

Q. No patron pictures display.
A. Patron pictures were not loaded when student data was loaded, OR
A. The cashier should check the Options Menu and verify Photo ON displays.

Q. A patron has been mistakenly charged for a large quantity of the same item.
A. The cashier may have typed the student’s PIN in the Input (quantity) box.
A. See the topic "Voiding Transactions" in the Common Cashier Actions article.

Q. The Input field displays an amount that cannot be cleared.
A. Select Clear All and then select the C button on the number pad.

Review the last 5 transactions to verify they have not been affected.

Q. Patron does not appear in search.
A. Patron account may not be set to active, OR
A. Student does not have a current enrollment.

Q. Unable to search for students by name.
A. This is an enrollment start date issue. However, cashiers should be able to pull up students using PINs if the district has re-loaded data for current school year prior to serving on the first day.

Q. Unable to see patron Eligibility status on terminal.
A. A food service administrator should verify that the Display Eligibility option on the Admin Options menu is set to “Enable,” AND/OR
A. A food service administrator should verify that the POS Terminal has been re-loaded for the current school year’s data (Admin menu > Load POS Data), OR
A. If the district is testing the terminal before the enrollment start dates or eligibility effective dates are active, then all patron eligibilities will display as gray dots (not eligible for Free/Reduced lunch).

Q. Reduced/free students incorrectly charged full price.
A. Verify eligibility start and end dates, OR
A. Verify enrollment start and end dates.
A. The Show Actual Purchasable Cost option on the POS Admin Menu Options may be set to disabled . When this option is disabled, the Paid price appears for all enrolled students but will process correctly as Free/Reduced in the student’s Journal. If the Show Actual Purchasable Cost option is enabled, then Free/Reduced prices will display on the POS.