Step 7. Print the Summary Report (FRAM)

PATH: FRAM > Verification

The School Food Authority Verification Summary Report (Summary Report) can be printed after verification is complete. This report shows eligibility and verification statistics of the district for the purpose of federal reporting. The student and school counts on this report display application counts as of October 1st and enrollment counts as of October 31st, per USDA Verification guidelines.

Campus FRAM does not encompass Direct Verification. Districts may complete Direct Verification outside of Campus. If your district completed Direct Verification, you may leave the  5-6 checkbox unmarked. Otherwise, if your district did not complete Direct Verification, please mark the 5-6 checkbox.

The 1-1: Total Schools row reports the total number of schools that have School Breakfast Program or National School Lunch Program selected on the school’s original or most recent record within System Administration > Resources > School.

To generate the report, click the Summary Report button from the action bar:

Print Summary Report

Summary Report