Step 6. Complete the Verification Process (FRAM)

PATH: FRAM > Verification

The district must complete its verification process by the federal deadline of November 15th.

The FRAM Verification tool helps districts complete the required, yearly process of verifying a percentage of approved, free/reduced applications. Applications with the status No Response should NOT be verified.

When the verification process is officially ended through the following steps, existing household eligibilities are updated and ended.

Once verification is completed through End Verification, existing eligibilities will be given 10 days (including the current date) before new student eligibility statuses become effective.

All pending applications are updated to a value of No Response and their Eligibility Eff Date will be the 11th day. A Paid eligibility record will NOT be created for these students. Their status will automatically be Paid and they will be required to pay full price for meals starting on that date.

  1. Enter Verification Completed Date in the field of the Free Reduced Verification End Detail editor.
  2. Click the Save button.
  3. Click the End Verification button.

    If the End Verification button is...Then...

    all applications pulled for verification have already been verified. 

    If the Verification Completed Date is still null, you can enter the date when verification was completed and save.
    enabledthere is still at least one application that was pulled for verification that has not been verified.
    If you click End Verification, any un-verified applications will result in a Paid eligibility, effective in 10 days.

    A Post Notice letter is generated for each application included in the verification sample, indicating the final outcome of a household's eligibility for meal benefits. The default Post-Notice letter template is used unless you created and designated a custom template in the FRAM Letter Editor tool. The eligibility effective date on the letter is nine days after the verification date. The Process Date on the letter is the current date.

    Sample Post Notice Letter