Step 5. Print 2nd Pre-Notice Letters (FRAM)

A second notice must be delivered to unresponsive households in which eligibilities are changing. This notification can be delivered via phone or generated and sent through the 2nd Pre-Notice Letter print icon, available in the action bar. If the notification is delivered via phone instead of letter, you may enter a date in the Second Contact Date field for references purposes; otherwise, it is automatically populated when the 2nd Pre-Notice Letter is generated.

Modify the Due Date field on the Verification Preferences tab (FRAM > FRAM Preferences > Verification Preferences) to indicate the date by which the requested verification materials should be returned to the district. This date is inserted in the second (date) field of the Pre-Notice letter. Allow for return and processing time before the November 15 deadline.

Generating the 2nd Pre-Notice Letter
  1. Verify the verification for which the 2nd Pre-Notice letter should be printed is selected.
  2. Click the print button for the 2nd Pre-Notice letter in the action bar.
    The letter is generated for households that have not been verified yet.

Sample Pre-Notice Letter