Step 4. Verify Applications (FRAM)

PATH: FRAM > Verification

The FRAM Verification tool helps districts complete the required, yearly process of verifying a percentage of approved, free/reduced applications. Applications with the status No Response should NOT be verified.

Applications are verified when an application signer submits the documentation requested through the verification process (usually in response to the 1st or 2nd Pre-Notice letter). A list of verified, pending, and replaced applications appears in the Free/Reduced Verification Status Detail area.

the household responded that they "do not want to participate any more"
  1. Click Verify.
  2. Change the Effective Date to be 10 days out.
  3. Enter the Override Status of Paid.
  4. Enter "Does not want to participate in the program" in the Override Reason text box.
the local SNAP office has verified that a household DID NOT receive SNAP benefits

remove the benefit number.

If the household provided income information, enter the information and the application will be complete.

If there is no income information, select the Override Status Free. Enter "No income" in the Override Reason text box.

Make sure all paperwork is kept in the verification file in the event that the auditor needs to know what happened.

Applications may be verified more than one time.

  1. Click the Verify link next to the application.
    The Verify Application Detail, Verify Student(s) in Household, and Verify Income in Household editors display.
  2. Compare the existing data with the data that the application signer submitted.



    no discrepancies are found during the verification

    Process the verification as is.

    discrepancies are found during the verification

    Make adjustments to the application on this screen then process the verification. This screen allows you to complete the following tasks:

    • Remove students and/or household members.
    • Adjust income levels.
    • Update student information.
    • Add students and household members using the Find New Person button or the Quick Add button.

    you want to exit without completing the verification

    Click the Back button to exit the editor. Changes will not be saved.

  3. Verify/adjust the Effective Date. If the application has changed, the Effective Date is the date the changes will go into effect. If there is a reduction in benefits requiring a 10 day notice of adverse action, the Effective Date must be adjusted.
  4. Enter an Application Date. If the application has changed, this is the date the application is being verified.
  5. Select the Process button in the action bar to save the verification.
    The Verification screen reappears. The newly verified application is listed in the Verified Applications editor, below the remaining pending applications, at the bottom of the screen. The eligibility value in the Verify Status column is updated and the current date is auto-populated in the Process Date and Eligibility Eff Date columns.

    Verified Application Example