Step 3. Print Pre-Notice Letters (FRAM)


PATH: FRAM > Verification

Printing this letter officially begins the verification process. If you do not want to use the Campus default templates for Pre-Notice letters, custom letters may be created in the FRAM Letter Editor tool.

Printing 1st Pre-Notice Letter

After applications have been reviewed and removed/replaced as necessary, the 1st Pre-Notice Letters can be printed and sent to households.

A letter is generated for each pending application in the verification sample and is addressed to the application signer.


Modify the Due Date field on the Verification Preferences tab (FRAM > FRAM Preferences > Verification Preferences) to indicate the date by which the requested verification materials should be returned to the district. This date is inserted in the second (date) field of the Pre-Notice letter.

Generating the 1st Pre-Notice Letter

  1. Verify the verification for which the 1st Pre-Notice letter should be printed is selected.
  2. Click the print icon for the 1st Pre-Notice letter in the action bar.
    The letter displays.

Sample Pre-Notice Letter

The date on which the 1st Pre-Notice letter is generated will be populated in the First Contact Date fields of the Free Reduced Verification Status Detail editor for each application.

If you need to replace an application after printing pre-notice letters, click the Delete button next to the application. This should only be used if a household leaves the district prior to verification being completed and verification information cannot be gathered. The checkbox in the Replace App column is only available before pre-notice letters are printed.