Reviewing and Processing Online Meal Benefit Applications (FRAM)

PATH: FRAM > Online Applications

The Online Applications tool allows district FRAM processors to process online Meal Benefits Applications submitted to the district via the Portal

District employees marked as a FRAM Processor are allowed to process Educational Benefits and Meal Benefits Applications. FRAM Processors will receive a Process Alert message indicating an application is ready for processing. Selecting the link within the message directs the user to the application.

The FRAM Processor Locked Time FRAM Preference indicates the number of minutes a FRAM Processor is able to work on processing a Online Meal Benefits Application submitted via the Portal before other FRAM Processors are allowed to open and process the online Meal Benefits application.

This article includes the following topics:

Online Applications

Viewing Pending Online Applications

PATH: FRAM > Online Applications > Pending Applications

Application processors can view and sort pending applications on the Pending Application tab. Once an application signer submits their Meal Benefits Application to the district, the application appears in the Online Applications window on the Pending Applications tab.

To view details about a pending application, select the application within the Online Applications window.

To generate a PDF version of application details, click the Detail Report button.

Pending Applications

Pending Application Detail Report

Searching for a Specific Pending Online Application

PATH: FRAM > Online Applications > Pending Applications

You can search for a specific pending application by entering the application Ref # or Signer Name and pressing Enter. Matching search results appear in the Online Application window.

In the following example, the processor searched for an application with Ref #208.

Searching for a Specific Pending Application

Processing an Online Application

PATH: FRAM > Online Applications > Pending Applications

Once an application is submitted to the district, the application must be processed by a FRAM Processor.  

To begin processing an application, select an application from the Online Applications window or search for a specific application using the Ref # or Signer Name fields in the upper right-hand corner. Once an application is selected, click the Begin Process button.

Beginning to Process an Application

After the Begin Process button is selected, all application details are presented for review. Review the application and if necessary, modify the Effective Date, Expiration Date and manually add students to the household by selecting the Find Person button next to their name.

The FRAM Processor should suspend the application if:

Once the application has been reviewed, select the Process button. If the application meets any of the bullets listed above, select the Back button and Suspend the application.

Reviewing the Application

If a person was added to the household by the application signer during the application process, the person must be identified within Campus before the application can be processed.

To find the added household member within Campus, select the Find Person button next to the person's name. The Person Search tool appears. Enter search criteria and select the Search button. People matching search criteria appear to the right. Select the person and click the Replace Student button. The person manually added to the application is now tied to their Campus account.

Finding an Added Household Member

After you review the application, click the Process button. A confirmation window appears. Click OK if you want to print the Approval/Denial Letter.

Printing an Approval/Denial Letter

The processed application indicates the application was processed and the Processed Status. The information displayed is the original information submitted by the application signer. By law, this information cannot be deleted or edited. To see more information about the processed application, the FRAM Processor must view the application on the Household Applications tool. 

The processed application now appears in the Processed Application tab by year where users can review application details and print a detailed report of application information by selecting the Detail Report button.

Example of a Processed Application

Inbox Message for Application Signer

Once the application signer submits their application to the district they receive an Inbox message indicating the action as well as information about the application reference number and any specific district-entered instructions.

Once the application is processed by a district FRAM Processor, the application signer receives an Inbox message indicating their application has been processed as well as an Approval/Denial Letter, if established within FRAM Preferences.

Inbox Messages Indicating Application Activity

Suspending an Online Application

PATH: FRAM > Online Applications > Pending Applications

If an application is incorrect or a duplicate submission, the application can be suspended. 

Once an application is suspended it cannot be processed. The suspended application is only accessible on the Processed Applications tab.

To suspend an application, select the application from the Pending Applications window, enter a Suspending Comment and click the Suspend button.

Suspending an Application

Once an application is suspended it is moved to the Processed Applications tab where it can no longer be processed.

Example of a Suspended Application

Viewing Processed Applications

PATH: FRAM > Online Applications > Processed Applications

To view a processed application, select the application from the Processed Applications window. Detailed information about the application appears below.

Viewing a Processed Application

Select the Detail Report button to generate a detailed report of application information.

Processed Application Detail Report