Recording Meals with Class Serve

This functionality is only available to customers who have purchased Campus Point-of-Sale as add-on functionality.

PATH: Campus Instruction > Class Serve

Use the Class Serve tab to record meals or snacks distributed to students so that items can be deducted from students' food service accounts.

You'll only be able to use this tool if your district has purchased Point of Sale and has set up the necessary prerequisites:

Recording Meals Served with Class Serve

You can use Class Serve to record both Meals and a la Carte items distributed to students. Totals of students in the section, students who are present today, and the number of meals and a la Carte items distributed calculate at the top. Students who are absent have an indicator in the Attendance column, as with Luke Student in the image above. Meals and items cannot be recorded for absent students.

To record a Meal for a student click Yes in the Meal column. Leave as No if the student did not have a meal.

To record a la Carte items click Add Items and select the items, changing the quantity if needed. Once items are added, click Edit Items to add more or the blue X to remove items.

Click Save when finished.

A la Carte Options

If a student does not have a food service account, No Account displays below their name, as with Devin Student in the example above. Meals and items cannot be recorded for students who do not have food service accounts.