Record Standard Attendance

PATH: Student Information > General > Attendance

Standard Attendance marks a student as being absent or tardy, and requires the use of Attendance Codes. This is the default attendance option.

If you would rather record attendance from a time present standpoint, use the Positive Attendance option.

Student Attendance Tab - Standard Attendance

Attendance Data and Enrollments

When a start date is changed on an enrollment record, a warning displays indicating that any previously entered attendance that may have occurred prior to the new start date is not deleted, unless the student's start date in course sections is also adjusted.

If the student's enrollment already has an end date (or where an end date is entered when the start date is adjusted), attendance that is outside of the start/end dates will be deleted.

Add a New Standard Attendance Event

Attendance can only be recorded for periods where the student is scheduled in a course section.

  1. Click the New icon at the top of the Attendance tab. An Attendance entry screen will appear.
  2. Enter the Date of the attendance and click the Refresh button. This date displays the current date and can be changed by using the calendar icon.
  3. In the Code dropdown menu for the period where the student had an event, select the Attendance Code that best matches the situation.
  4. Enter any Comments to describe the event in more detail.
  5. If the event needs to be copied to subsequent periods on that day, click the Fill Down button.
  6. If the incorrect attendance code was chosen, click the Clear button.
  7. Enter the number of Present Minutes for the event, if needed. For example, if a student was in the class for 45 minutes but left for the remaining 30 minutes of the period, enter 45 minutes. This field can be left blank for period attendance.
  8. Click Save when finished.

Dates can be entered in the following valid date formats:

  • MM/DD/YY
  • MM-DD-YY

Or, select the calendar icon to choose a new date.

Any other date format is considered an invalid format and will return a warning message that directs the user to reenter the date in a valid format.


Attendance Entry Editor

Edit an Existing Standard Attendance Event

  1. Select the date of the attendance event in the Daily Event Summary.
  2. Change the attendance code for the period which needs to be changed.
  3. Change the comments as needed.
  4. Click the Save icon when finished.