Record Positive Attendance

PATH: Student Information > General > Attendance

Positive Attendance records student attendance using time present. This option requires preferences to be set first.

If you would rather record attendance based on time absent, use the Standard Attendance option. See the Positive Attendance article for more information.

Student Attendance Tab - Positive Attendance

Attendance Data and Enrollments

When a start date is changed on an enrollment record, a warning displays indicating that any previously entered attendance that may have occurred prior to the new start date is not deleted, unless the student's start date in course sections is also adjusted.

If the student's enrollment already has an end date (or where an end date is entered when the start date is adjusted), attendance that is outside of the start/end dates will be deleted.

Enter a New Positive Attendance Event

  1. Click the Positive Attendance icon in the action bar. The Positive Attendance Summary table displays.
  2. Click the New icon.
  3. Enter the Date of the positive attendance event.
  4. Enter the Time In and Time Out of the attendance event. The Duration field auto-populates based on the entered time. See the Time Validations used in Positive Attendance for more information.  
  5. Select the Course to which the attendance event applies.
  6. Enter a Comment (if desired) about the attendance event.
  7. Click the Add button to add another attendance event.
  8. Click the Save icon when finished. Click the Back To Summary icon to return to the Positive Attendance summary view.

Positive Attendance Entry

Edit Positive Attendance Entries

  1. From the Positive Attendance Summary, expand the terms to find the desired date to modify.
  2. Click the hyperlinked date within the term. The attendance entry displays.
  3. Modify the information as needed.
  4. Click the Save icon when finished.

Edit Positive Attendance Entries

Entries can also be entered or edited by clicking the clock icon next to the Time In/Time Out fields. Click the Period name in the P column, or the Start time of the period, or the End time of the period. Doing so populates the Time In/Time Out fields and fills the Duration column with the correct time calculation. The course field still needs to be chosen.

Period, Start/End Time selection