Journal Batch

This functionality is only available to customers who have purchased Campus Point of Sale as add-on functionality.

PATH: Point of Sale > Reports > Journal Batch

The Journal Batch Report will batch print monthly transactions detail and account balance information. This report is also available for parents/guardians to view on the Portal.

Report Logic

Field Descriptions

SchoolThis option allows you to select the school for which you want to report information.
School YearThe school year for which you want to report information.
MonthThe month for which you want to report information.
GradeThe Grade level for the students you want to include on the report.
Ad HocUse an ad hoc filter to select specific students.
Include only accounts with transactionsSelect this checkbox to exclude students without a transaction.
Include students with ended enrollmentsSelect this checkbox to include students whose enrollment ended during the selected school year.
Sort Option

One of the following options may be selected for sorting the report results:

  • Grade & Name
  • Student Name
  • Student Number

Generating the Report

To generate the report, use the information in the Field Descriptions to complete the screen then click the Generate Report button.