Item Summary

This functionality is only available to customers who have purchased Campus Point of Sale as add-on functionality.

PATH: Point of Sale > Reports > Item Summary

The Item Summary Report looks at all purchasable items, noting the total amount purchased and the total sales for the item based on the date range entered.

Generating the Report

Generating the Item Summary Report:

  1. Select the School for which to generate the report from the dropdown list.
  2. Select the appropriate School Year.
  3. Select the Summary Type. Depending on the summary type chosen, the information will look at transactions for the entered date (“Daily” option), a date range (“Period” option) or a selection of dates (“Month” option).
  4. Enter the Date in mmddyy format, or click the calendar icon to select a date. The current date will already be entered.
  5. Select the Date Type. The “Transaction Date” is the day on which the transaction occurred. The “Post Date” is the day on which the information was was recorded by the server.
  6. Click the Generate Report button. The report will display in Adobe PDF format, listing the items purchased for the entered date range.