Getting Started (Cashier's Guide)

Logging In

After the terminal has booted, the POS Security Login screen displays. The cashier enters their PIN and selects OK.

POS Login

Selecting a Serving Method

Two methods are available for processing meal transactions. The first cashier of the first serving period in the day should select the serving method.



General Serve

Use when several menu options are offered to patrons; e.g., patron has choice of Lunch and/or Ala Carte items.

Continuous Serve

Use when there is only ONE menu option offered to all patrons; e.g., when the Lunch option for all patrons is the same.

After a serving method has been selected, the cashier is asked to select a new serving period (when this is the first login of the current day) OR they are prompted to re-open the last cash drawer (if this is NOT the first login of the current day). This prompt only appears when Serving Periods have been enabled on the Admin POS Option menu.

Turning on Audio

The terminal sound may be turned on or off by selecting the Options menu and Audio On/Off.

Turning on Patron Photos

Patron photos may be turned on or off by selecting the Options menu and Photo On/Off.

For a patron’s photo to display, the following requirements must be met: