General (POS Preferences)


PATH: Point of Sale > POS Preferences > General

Prior to using the Point of Sale terminal and creating Point of Sale accounts, POS Preferences should be set. Options available determine how accounts are created, how PIN numbers are controlled and if eligibility information is viewable.

The General Preference tool allows a school and/or district to set certain consistent requirements for the POS system in place at the school.

Setting POS General Preferences

  1. From the General Preference tab, check the options that should be in place at the schools when managing food service accounts. See the Explanation of General POS Preferences table below for more information.
  2. When finished, click the Save icon. Preferences can be changed at any time.

Explanation of General POS Preferences



Default Family Account

When this checkbox is marked, Campus only creates family accounts and not individual patron accounts.

Show Eligibility in Deposit

When this checkbox is marked, Campus displays the student’s eligibility on the POS Deposit.

Autocorrect transactions for backdated applications

Marking this checkbox allows Campus to automatically update eligible meals when the Effective Date on a Household Application is earlier than the day the application is processed. This feature gives students access to free/reduced lunches on the date the application was received. When this checkbox is marked, Campus automatically compares the eligibility date to the student's transactions, voids the old transaction(s), and re-enters the transactions using the correct eligibility.

This feature does not apply to Online Applications or to applications uploaded via the Eligibility Import Wizard.

Auto creation of account when enrollment record is added

When this checkbox is marked, Campus automatically creates a POS account for each new student that enrolls at the school when their enrollment record is created. It will not create duplicate accounts for students who have two enrollments or for students rolled into the next school year.
As of the E.1138 Release Pack, logic was updated to support auto creation of an account for students in family accounts. This logic includes support for use of this preference in combination with the Default Family Account preference.

  • If a household already has a family account, a newly enrolled student member in the same household with an active primary membership will be included in the same existing account (i.e., a new sibling enters Kindergarten and older siblings already have an account).
  • If a student is a primary member of one household and a secondary member of another, the student is assigned to a family account where the primary household membership exists.
  • If a student is a primary member of two households, the student is placed in the family account where they have the highest memberID assigned (the household where they were most recently assigned as a member).
  • If a new family account is created for a household and a household includes student memberships that have ended, the students with ended memberships are not included in the household's family account.
  • If students are enrolled before Households are created and primary membership in a household is indicated, creation of an accurate family account based on primary household membership will not be possible and individual patron accounts will be created instead.
  • Staff members who have students in the district will be added to family accounts manually or through the Mass Account Creation Wizard. If added manually, users must select the Account Folder and click Add Patron.

    For help in identifying whether a household member is primary or secondary and their household start and end dates, see the Members page.

Auto creation of PIN when enrollment record is added

When this checkbox is marked, Campus generates a PIN number when a new student is enrolled.

Disconnected Status Time in minutes

Indicates how often Campus will ping POS terminals to verify the POS is still communicating with Campus. This affects the refresh rate of the red/green icon displayed on the Terminals tool.

POS Account Messenger Scheduler Preferences
This section includes preference settings that determine how
the POS Account Messenger Scheduler tool sends scheduled messages.

Only include accounts with activity since last scheduled messageMarking this checkbox limits message delivery to accounts that show activity since the last scheduled message task was created.

Account activity is any credits or debits to the account balance, including voided transactions.

Account activity does not include:

  • any free items served on the account, such as Free qualifying meals or ala carte items charged as Free eligible, or
  • a transaction that results in 0.00 being charged to the account.
Minimum days between any Scheduler messages for accounts

Entering a number in this field limits message delivery to accounts last contacted after the minimum days entered in this field. Decimal points are not allowed.

For example, if you enter 3 in this field and set up an hourly Messenger schedule, accounts will receive one message every 3rd day as long as the account meets the filter criteria on the message template.