Excluding Household Applications

PATH: FRAM > Household Applications

You may exclude existing Meal or Educational Benefits applications if they are no longer relevant, but should be retained for historical purposes. Excluded applications are not considered by the application verification process and may not be accurate representations of current student eligibilities or household information.

When an application is excluded, its associated eligibility is revoked. Campus changes student eligibilities to those assigned by the most current application or other existing eligibility. If no current application exists, student eligibilities are considered a default status of "Paid."

If students have purchased meals using the eligibility assigned by the application, it should NOT be excluded.

Once the verification process has been started, the Exclude functionality cannot be used for any household applications. In the event an application has been selected for Verification, a notification will display when trying to use the Exclude option.

Warning message that displays after the Exclude button is selected

Example of an excluded application with an "X" in the Exclude column of the Household Applications editor.

Excluding an Application

  1. Select the application to be excluded from the Household Applications editor.
  2. Click the Exclude icon located in the action bar.
    A confirmation window displays.
  3. Click OK on the confirmation window.